A blend of design ingenuity
and nature in beachfront homes


3 bedrooms with 2 en-suites & 1 family room (1,706 sq ft)

3 bedrooms with 2 en-suites (1,554 sq ft)

A natural sanctuary on beachfront

The spacious and airy rooftop offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy life: chill out under a clear blue sky surrounded by lush greenery over a cup of coffee, or immerse in a mesmerising sunset over the South China Sea while sipping on a glass of wine.

HAM TIN VILLAS is the perfect place to enjoy nature, in the comfort the spacious garden adorned with the diversity of South Lantau’s native flora.

Take a walk on the sundeck near the entrance of HAM TIN VILLAS. Be amazed at the expansive views of the coastline and the sounds of rolling waves lapping on the beach.